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The student named on this screen consents to the enrollment and participation requirements of the online Drug, Alcohol, Traffic Education (D.A.T.E.™) course found at MyFirstLicense.com.
  • The student is a resident of the state of Florida and is at least 14 years old at the time of course registration.
  • The student will personally take the course and exams without assistance of another person.
  • The student will read the entire Drug, Alcohol, traffic Education (D.A.T.E.™) course guidelines and agree to all of its terms, rules and procedures for completion of the course.
  • The student will allow all information to be disclosed and/or tracked for studies and/or audits pertaining to the effectiveness and compliance of the online Drug, Alcohol, traffic Education (D.A.T.E.™) course found at MyFirstLicense.com.
  • The student is aware that this program must be completed within 90 days of receipt of access to course site.
  • The student has reviewed all statements made on this form and agrees that they are true and correct.
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